Published in Wisconsin Bride || Carly + Bill

Wisconsin Bride is easily one of the publications I love the most and I often refer to it for real life wedding inspiration. So when we learned Carly + Bill’s Milwaukee wedding would be featured in their latest print magazine, we were more than ecstatic. In a digital world where published weddings become lost on the information highway, I cherish print publications THAT. MUCH. MORE. Don’t get me wrong, online publications are amazing – but there is something about print publications that just gets me right in the heart.

There aren’t enough words I could write to explain what Carly + Bill mean to me as a wedding professional and as a friend. I have been the luckiest person in the world to work with such outstanding couples who are all truly good human beings. And really to write about the Ritt’s is not nearly the same as knowing this couple in real life and seeing how they’ve both impacted everyone around them, including me. Thank you to Carly + Bill for entrusting me with capturing their love story, I am so grateful.

Vendor Love:  Wedding Planner – The Bride Consultant / Videography – Character D Films / Floral – Impressions by Esther Fleming / Venue – The Watermark at Shully’s in Thiensville, Wisconsin / First Dance Music – Russell Dickerson

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Published || Martha + Matthew’s Milwaukee Wedding

I am so happy to see Martha and Matthew’s elegant Milwaukee wedding on one of my favorite wedding resources, Midwest Bride! Head on over to their website to see highlights from this couple’s big day. I am sharing my personal favorites below, including a very special card reading in lieu of a first look minutes before the ceremony. Waterworks were had by all! Congratulations to the sweetest couple.


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Published || Molly + Tim in Wisconsin Bride

To me, photography isn’t always about creating images for the purpose of recognition or publicity – its about capturing moments for my couples to look back on and think of warm memories on a day that seems to always fly by no matter what you do to try and savor the moments. To me, photography is about establishing relationships and connections so that I’m not at your wedding just as your photographer, but as an old friend who has come to spend the day with you and your loved ones. Being a part of Molly and Tim’s wedding was exactly one of those experiences that I love as an artist and as a business woman. To be able to combine my passion for photography and create lasting friendships with the people who trust me the most with their memories is an incredibly beautiful gift, one that I will always be grateful for in the couples who choose me to be a part of their wedding day.

My bond with Molly and Tim was exceptional and I am so excited that their Milwaukee wedding was selected by one of my favorite publications, Wisconsin Bride, as a part of their Newlyweds column in their Spring/Summer 2015 issue. Be sure to pick up a copy of your own on newsstands now and take a peek at the images Wisconsin Bride chose to publish as a part of Molly and Tim’s wedding story. My favorite images of their day are below and you can check out Molly’s style blog, Heart of a Blonde, to see hers and Tim’s personal favorites. Congratulations to a truly beautiful couple and cheers on their newest adventure as newlyweds in Maine!

Ceremony:  Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church; Reception:  Rail Hall, Milwaukee; Brides Dress + Groom’s Attire:  Amelishan Bridal; Flowers:  Flower and Bee; Catering:  The National; Stationary:  Catharsis Printworks; Hair:  Dana Welch of Pure Salon and Day Spa; Videography:  Mann Frau

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